Are Better Markets Possible?

Are Better Markets Possible? 

Truly dark darkpools make markets more transparent.

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The logo of the General Catalyst Venture Capital Firm. A black, horizontal typeface logo reading General Catalyst with a purple stylized GC logo in the middle of General and Catalyst.
The logo of the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator. The logo is formed by a the Stanford logo, a red S with a green oak tree in the middle, on the left side, with a grey typeface logo reading Stanford Blockchain Accelerator on the right side. The tops and bottoms of each side are vertically aligned.
The logo of the Steel Perlot Venture Capital Firm. The left side is a stylized graphic logo with a letter S diagonally placed above a letter P, with the bottom of the S forming the top part of the letter p.


The logo of Stanford university. The logo is formed by a red S with a white oak tree in the middle.
The Columbia University Logo shows three white crowns arranged in a triangle with two crowns on the top row and one in the center in a row below within a blue shield. A lighter blue arrowhead points upward and separates the top crowns from the bottom crown. Below the shield lies a ribbon with a Latin inscription that surrounds the bottom half of the shield.
The Dartmouth logo shows a shield drawn in a green outline with an image of the Dartmouth campus with a beam of light emanating from a book shining down on it. A green typeface logo of the word Dartmouth spans the top of the shield, with a Latin inscription surrounding the bottom of the shield, both outlined in the same style as the shield.
The Y Combinator logo is a simple orange square with a white letter Y placed in the center.